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Friendly rivalry raises money for Epilepsy Scotland

A team of Kingdom Housing Association staff played a badminton tournament against a team from Hillcrest and helped raise money for Kingdom’s nominated charity, Epilepsy Scotland.

The games took place over three hours in Glenrothes with a lot of friendly competitive banter displayed between the teams.

Kingdom had the ‘home’ advantage for the tournament and won 31-25.

Bill Banks, chief executive from Kingdom, said “This is the first time the teams have played against each other and everyone felt it had been a great success and are all looking forward to the next tournament later this year.”

Angela Linton, group chief executive at Hillcrest, added: “What a fabulous time we all had at the first ever Hillcrest v Kingdom badminton tournament. In a very friendly if fiercely competitive afternoon, Hillcrest had to concede defeat on both the quality of our tops and our badminton abilities! Roll on the rematch in September.”

£220 was raised by the players for the charity.

Kingdom and Hillcrest Badminton teams