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Fife Housing Partnership

Fife Housing Partnership (FHP) members have signed a new agreement which outlines the venture’s responsibilities and expectations.

The partnership provides a single forum, through which investors, planning agencies, housing and linked service providers, tenants and residents, can influence and participate in the development and delivery of the Local Housing Strategy for Fife.

The partnership includes representatives from Fife Council, NHS Fife, the Scottish Government, the Fife Housing Association Alliance (made up of Fife, Glen, Kingdom and, Ore Valley housing associations), tenants and residents federations and a private landlords steering group.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, executive spokesperson for housing and building services, said: “The Local Housing Strategy for 2015-20 has recently been published and this prompted a review of the current FHP agreement. This agreement outlines the responsibilities and expectations of the partnership and how we will deliver on the eight priority themes within the Local Housing Strategy.

“A key factor helping shape our strategy has been the willingness of people to come together to work through housing issues, irrespective of the scale of the challenge.

“At a time of continuing public sector financial restraint, we remain undaunted by the task ahead. This includes providing more homes, improving housing conditions, addressing significant inequality in housing circumstances and providing streamlined, efficient services.

“I look forward to working with everyone to meet these challenges and thank all members of FHP for continuing to support Fife’s Local Housing Strategy.”

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