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CCTV, Video Doorbells & You

As CCTV cameras, ring doorbells and smart phones have become more affordable and accessible, Kingdom has seen a significant increase in people using them within our developments. Although use of these devices can be one possible solution to crime reduction, the owner must ensure they are following the principles of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Kingdom has liaised with Police Scotland for advice and guidance on how to proceed with complaints regarding recording devices. They can only deal with any issues that are a clear criminal offence. Otherwise, it is a civil matter and the best person to speak to is a solicitor. 

Kingdom therefore cannot take forward any complaints regarding CCTV, ring doorbells or neighbours filming on their phones unless it has been corroborated as a criminal offence by Police Scotland. 

Please note that all tenants must request permission to fit a device onto a Kingdom property. You can find the request form on your MyKingdom account or our website. 

We would like to provide the following guidance for recording devices on your property. 

  1. A sign (minimum size 200 x 200mm) must be fitted within the vicinity of each camera. The sign/s must be clearly visible for Data Protection and GDPR requirements.
  2. The camera/s must not invade other people’s privacy or cover common areas such as pavements, roadways, communal parking &  landscaping. Filters must be fitted to the cameras if this will happen due to restricted placement options for the camera on the building.
  3. The camera/s must be set to record areas that form part of your Tenancy only.  
  4. The camera and equipment must only be fitted to the building which forms part of your Tenancy.
  5. The installation must be carried out by a competent person and to the satisfaction of the Association.  Where the connection is direct to the consumer unit or requires alterations to the existing electrical supply, the work must be carried out by a qualified Electrician who must also provide a minor electrical works or installation certificate.
  6. You should be aware that you will be fully responsible for the maintenance of the equipment and that all equipment must be removed at the end of your Tenancy.
  7. We recommend that you consider taking out third-party liability insurance in the event that the equipment comes loose from the wall and causes harm or damage.

You can also find more information in this CCTV Domestic Booklet