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Care and Repair

Kingdom Housing Association’s care and repair service, which provides independent advice and assistance to help older homeowners as well as a Disability Support Service, has recorded satisfaction levels of 98 per cent for its work with disabled people.

The annual satisfaction survey has been carried out for the disability support service and exceptional high levels of satisfaction have been confirmed, with the overall satisfaction level being 98 per cent. All aspects of the service were assessed as part of the survey and the various satisfaction levels are very high, ranging from 97 per cent – 98 per cent.

Ida Taylor, Kingdom’s Care and Repair manager, said: “We have been managing the Fife Care and Repair Service for 21 years and the satisfaction levels have remained consistently high throughout this period. During 2015/16 the service completed around 249 disability adaptions cases and achieved all business plan targets.”

Ida added: “Care and Repair mainly provides services to older people who are owner occupiers and although the customers are not Kingdom tenants, the clients are potentially vulnerable and really benefit from the services provided through Care and Repair. Delivery of the services is consistent with both our charitable aims and our strategic objectives.”

Mrs Linda Williams from Cupar is typical of many clients. She recently had a wet floor shower installed and reported: “Great communication and speedy response. I was involved at every stage and everything was explained clearly. I now have a shower that I am not afraid to use. What a great team of people.”

Another service offered by Fife Care and Repair is the Small Repairs Service, where small repairs are carried out for eligible clients, making their home safer, more secure and helping to prevent the property falling into disrepair. There is a small charge of £10 for the Small Repairs Service, and any materials are charged at cost price, therefore it provides an affordable and trust worthy repairs service, for older home owners who may find it difficult to arrange or pay for repairs to their home.

The satisfaction survey results for the Small Repairs Service was also exceptionally high with satisfaction levels directly comparable to the satisfaction levels recorded for the disability services.

The Small Repairs Service carried out small repairs during the year, with the majority of the repairs being carried out for people over 60 years of age or 50 years of age and has a disability.

Mrs Janet Henderson from Kirkcaldy said: “It was great being able to get someone reliable, polite and courteous to do small jobs as most firms are only interested in larger work.”

Bill Banks, chief executive at Kingdom, said: “Over the years the service has helped many people who would have struggled to arrange the repairs or adaptions to their homes and we are grateful for the ongoing support provided from Fife Council, who provide funding to manage and operate the services.”