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Annual Report 2020

For the first time in Kingdom’s history, we held our Annual General Meeting on Monday 21st September virtually online using Zoom. Proof, if any were needed, of the impact that coronavirus has had on all of our lives. 

At that AGM we launched our latest Annual Report. You can access it online here.

This has been another hugely successful year for Kingdom. We have developed our largest new supply programme to date, enhanced our services to customers, achieved our business plan targets across all areas of operation and positively contributed to all of our strategic objectives.

The Annual Report encompasses Kingdom’s 40th anniversary year. The Kingdom Group is now unrecognisable in terms of its size and the range of services provided compared with when it started in 1979. However, it has remained true to its core objectives and continues to meet the housing and wider needs of the people in the communities where we operate.

Over the years we have delivered on Kingdom’s objectives and that remains our aim in the future as Kingdom continues to provide more than a home.

If you would like to download the Annual Report in PDF format, you can do that here.

Annual Report 2020 Cover