Linda Leslie

Board Member Joined Sep 2015

Board Member since 2015 and a member of the Policies Sub Committee.

Linda works in Edinburgh with the Scottish Government’s Housing, Regeneration & Welfare Directorate and before then with the Scottish Housing Regulator and Scottish Homes.

Linda has a long standing interest in housing in Fife, having worked for both North East Fife and Kirkcaldy District Council’s and been involved in the North East Fife Housing Association Steering Group in the 1990’s

When asked why she became involved with Kingdom she said ‘I live in Fife and have followed Kingdom’s progress with interest for many years.  I believe very strongly that access to good housing and good services is important, not just for individuals but for the wider communities they live in.  Housing Associations like Kingdom have a unique role in helping to build stronger communities, support vulnerable people and tackle social exclusion.