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Code of Conduct for Governing Body Members

Date Added: 14 October 2019

Download: Code-of-Conduct-Governing-Body.pdf

Code of Conduct for Staff

Date Added: 14 June 2018

Download: Code-of-Conduct-for-Staff.pdf

Common (Charitable) Fund Policy

Date Added: 29 August 2018

Download: Awarding-Donations-from-the-Common-Fund-Policy.pdf

Communications Policy

Date Added: 28 May 2019

Download: Communications-Policy.pdf

Community Initiatives Fund Policy

Date Added: 23 May 2018

Download: Community-Initiatives-Fund-Policy.pdf

Community Initiatives Strategy

Date Added: 22 August 2018

Download: Kingdom-Community-Initiatives-1.pdf

Compliments and Complaints Policy

Date Added: 24 May 2018

Download: Compliments-and-Complaints-Policy.pdf

Conditions of Employment

Date Added: 16 March 2020

Download: Outline-Conditions-of-Employment.pdf

Conditions of Employment

Date Added: 17 March 2020

Download: Outline-Conditions-of-Employment-1.docx

Conditions of Employment

Date Added: 18 March 2020

Download: Conditions-of-Employment-SSW-General.docx