Tenant Participation

Thank you for visiting our Get Involved page!

Let us take a moment to reflect on what we have achieved in helping our customers to participate in the last 10 months!  We are delighted with the people who have helped us inside the organisation and especially, those outside, our tenants and customers who gave out of their time freely.


Many tenants have volunteered to go to events, respond to surveys and welcomed into their homes. They have done this because they want to enhance our services not only for them but for other current and future tenants.


Here are some of the many activities that have kept us busy in the last 10 months:

  • We have continued our cycle of tenant led estate inspections (or walkabouts, as we like to call them).
  • We have recruited and trained a group of tenants to form a Scrutiny Panel. They have been especially busy taking part in events and learning on how to approach scrutiny activities. They deserve our commendation and a big THANK YOU.
  • We have supported one tenant to become a member of our Board and have a direct role in the decision making process of the organisation.
  • We have participated in various community events, visiting people in their homes and promoting tenant participation activities.
  • We organised and hosted our first annual Tenants Gathering in Falkirk. People loved this event and we are already beginning to plan another Tenants Gathering next year. We would be interested to hear your suggestions as to where we could host this event.
  • We worked together with a group of tenants to produce our Annual Report on the Charter. A performance report developed by our tenants, for our tenants. This year, every single tenant received a copy, either in paper or via email. It is wonderful to see that tenants are reading it with a critical eye as we have received over 100 feedback responses in the last 2 weeks and they keep coming!
  • We organised joint events with several housing associations and local authorities in and outside Fife. These events have helped many tenants talk to other tenants who are involved with their respective Landords and we all returned full enthusiasm and ideas.
  • Finally, we have completed the last of a series of 3 evening sessions on our rent consultation. 16 committed tenants provided their valuable perspective on our rent review process. We discussed what our goals are, our challenges and how we can fund our activities and services, while looking carefully at the rents we charge, to make sure that your rent remains affordable. The information you gave at these events will be included in our full rent consultation which you will receive in December, so please take a moment to look at it and return your response to us.


There are more activities planned for the future. Would you like to know more? If so, please let us know!  Again, thank you to everyone who made an effort to participate, from returning a feedback questionnaire, to coming to meetings and events.

Please contact us on 01592 630922 or email m.scotto@kingdomhousing.org.uk




Max Scotto, Tenant Participation Officer